About Us



Wholesale SMS is a private Australian company that has been created by a team of experienced SMS executives who have been in the industry for over a decade. We just do SMS for businesses like yours, and we have built, developed and managed our own network.

We know that Australians are really familiar with SMS technology, and we think you should just be able to get on with it.

After all, SMS isn’t rocket science, and with our simple, easy to use interface and our robust, well-built product that pretty much runs like clockwork, we reckon you can handle most of the work yourself.

So we created this no frills service, which is all about offering you the lowest price SMS everyday. We go out to the market everyday to check our prices so you can be assured that we’ll live up to that promise.

We’re here to help if you really need us though, contact us or Call 1300 654 SMS if you ever need a hand.

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