How To

Sending a Single Message

Quickly and easily send a message to any number, Australia-wide, at the click of a button.

Send a Batch Message

Sending batch messages is easy – whether it’s a quick reminder to a dozen people, or a marketing launch to thousands. Learn how to send a batch message here.

Email2SMS Setup

Email2SMS lets you trigger an SMS message using your personal Email client.

It’s easy to set up and get ready to use – find out how!

Tour the Outbox

The Outbox is where you can see all the messages you’ve sent, allowing you to track the success of your messages.

Tour the Inbox

When you receive replies to your messages, or someone sends a message to your dedicated numbers, the Inbox is where you’ll find them. Take the tour!

Top Up Your Credit

Learn how to use our flexible credit tiers, to ensure you get the best rate available for your message credits.