Product Upgrade


Welcome to your new look WholesaleSMS service

We’ve completely revamped the WholesaleSMS service to provide you with an even greater level of functionality and a host of new next generation SMS capabilities.

You’ll still have the simplicity and flexibility you currently enjoy with Wholesale SMS, but when you next log into your account, you will notice that things look different including a sleek new design and an intuitive user experience.

Here’s an overview of the range of services now available to you including links to our step-by-step ‘how to’ videos.


Upgrade Includes: 



Powerful and clever, your new web campaign manager streamlines the bulk messaging process. With features including

  • An address book for contact management
  • Customised templates
  • Custom personalisation fields

The new web campaign manager makes it easier than ever to manage SMS campaigns and communications – anytime, anywhere.

Simple dashboard

From your dashboard you can quickly send a single message, or create and import a range of contact lists allowing you to send multiple messages or campaigns with ease.

You can schedule messages to be sent on a specified date and time. You can create and save templates for messages you commonly send as well as build contact lists and view send reports. All from the one simple dashboard.

Bulk SMS made easy

Our batch message video guide takes you through using contact lists, personalising messages using custom fields and the review message process, including how to change your review message threshold level.

Your account

The new web campaign manager also makes managing your account so much easier with a range of top up options, including a ‘custom’ option that allows you to specify the number of credits you want. To get started, add your Visa or Mastercard details as your payment method and decide if you want to enable auto recharge, which will automatically top up your account once it falls below a certain level. The default is set at 100 credits, but you can change this in your account settings.



Our API allows you to build applications that can send SMS. There are many ways your business can improve processes, efficiency and communication by integrating SMS capabilities into your business systems. The API provides the next level of flexibility and integration capabilities, allowing your business to seamlessly automate SMS functionality.

When you are ready to set up an API, you or your developer will find our API documentation easy to follow. You will need your API credentials to authenticate the service, which you will find on the API account settings page

The API includes a range of request parameters, where the two requirements are the body of the SMS (the message itself) and the message recipient details, which may be either a single number or a contact list. Other request parameters are available, but are optional.

You can set up delivery call back reports, which will advise you when the message has been delivered. You can also specify the URL you want for reply call backs which will direct where replies to the message will be sent.

Once a message has been sent via an API, you will receive an HTTP 200 response with a JSON or XML body. This will include the message ID, sent message details, the number of recipients sent to, the campaign cost, a range of delivery stats and in case of an error, a report that will help you find out what went wrong




Email to SMS allows you to send an SMS from your regular email account, which is great if you need to send a single message, or don’t have internet access. Now it’s even easier to use SMS in the same way with our improved 2-way Email to SMS solution.

Before you get started ensure you have added your email address to your Wholesale SMS account. To find out how to do this, check out our short Email to SMS set up video or register your email address here.

Once you are set up, it’s easy to send an SMS from your email account:

  1. In the To: field type the mobile number you’re sending to in the following format
  2. If you want to receive replies back to your inbox leave the subject field blank.
  3. The recipient will receive the message from the Wholesale SMS system response number. This can be overridden by adding a name or mobile number in international format to the subject line of the email. This can be maximum 11 characters and make sure there are no spaces.
    Note: you will not receive replies to the email if you override the sender ID.
  4. When the recipient responds the message will be returned as an email to your nominated address.
  5. The body of the email will contain your complete 2-way conversation.


At Wholesale SMS, it is very important to us that you experience a smooth upgrade experience. We’re here for you during business hours 5 days a week, 8:30am – 6:00pm contact us on 1300 562 767