In an age where letterboxes are stuffed to the brim with unwanted junk mail and email inboxes overflow with never-to-be-read promotional material, SMS-based communication has become the leader when it comes to connecting with customers instantly and directly.

SMS MarketingSMS = Instant Direct

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Online Text Message Marketing
SMS messages feel personal, and that’s why they have such a high read rate compared with other communications channels. Compared to email, SMS is read more than 90% of the time, and that’s usually within a few minutes of being received.

Instant SMS Marketing Software
SMS is perfect when you’re seeking immediacy, whether that be by necessity – such as informing a customer of an upcoming appointment, or when you want to get the word out about upcoming promotions.

Direct SMS Marketing
Because SMS messages can be read on the go, they’re useful in attracting people who aren’t at home – perhaps to increase foot traffic to a store. They can also be used to deliver coupons and other special offers, for competition entries and loyalty programs.


Because it’s very easy for the customer to opt-in or out from SMS delivery, it actually increases their feelings of control and engagement, which leads to a high conversion rate. In fact, SMS Marketing has the highest conversion rate among all communications channels.

Multiple interface SMS Software solutions



Our Web SMS browser-based platform allows you to carry out all your messaging operations in the browser of any web-connected device. You don’t require any special software or training.



If you have an existing CRM, you can add SMS functionality with our powerful and easy-to-implement API.



Messages can be sent directly from any email client with our Email to SMS system – just send the message via email, and we’ll deliver it. Responses are then delivered back to you in the same way with 2-way SMS.

Tracking delivery is achieved with delivery receipts, which is free of charge, so you can see who is opening (or not opening) your messages. You can also send from a unique sender ID that will appear on the recipient’s device. That’s a number that will remain consistent, rather than a generic number shared by multiple businesses.

Things to remember


Obtain Consent

When carrying out SMS Marketing campaigns, it’s important to remember to first obtain consent from the party you intend to send to in order to stay on the right side of Australia’s anti-spam laws.


Save Space

In addition, you can save space in your texts by using a URL shortener, such as or


Call to Action

Messages should always include a call to action – suggest what the customer’s next step ought to be – sometimes, that’s exactly what they’ll do!

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