SMS Gateway Australia

Wholesale SMS offers Australia’s cheapest rates when it comes to sending SMS messages to customers and clients; but, far from skimping when it comes to technical infrastructure – our service is supported by a reliable, secure and fast SMS gateway.

Reliable, Secure & Fast

A high-speed SMS gateway


Wholesale SMS’s gateway is equipped with a high-speed connection to its network suppliers, delivering impressive speed and reliability that allows you to rapidly send thousands of SMS messages at a time.Our average message delivery time is 11.9 seconds. If you consider that the read-rate of SMS messages is estimated at more than 99% and with most messages being read within three minutes of delivery, it’s easy to see the power of SMS as a communications and marketing tool.

Capable and reliable SMS Gateway

Our gateway is routed directly to Telstra, with Optus and Vodafone networks serviced through various Australian aggregators. Using this combination, we’re able to maintain a fast and highly reliable gateway service – with an impressive average network uptime of 99.75% – while remaining the cheapest SMS provider in Australia.

And, we can handle the volume, with more than 7 million SMS messages delivered through our gateway each week all around Australia.


Wholesale SMS Gateway features

You can send messages through the gateway in 3 different ways:


Using our
Web SMS portal


Integrating using
our powerful API


Using our simple
Email to SMS feature




Our Web SMS software allows you to access to all the features you need to send SMS messages either individually or in bulk using your web browser, so there’s no software to download. For bulk SMS messaging, just upload your list of contacts and broadcast thousands of messages from any Internet-connected browser.


API Integration

If you have your own messaging or CRM software that you’d like to enhance with SMS-sending capabilities, our easy-to-integrate API gives you access to all the tools you’ll need to automate your SMS messaging using your own systems.


Email to SMS

With our Email to SMS feature, sending an SMS message is as easy as sending an email. And, you can use your ordinary email software, such as MS Outlook or Apple Mail to manage the task. We also include free delivery reports for every message.

Australia’s cheapest SMS gateway

budget-scalesWholesale SMS provides a fast and reliable SMS gateway for Australian businesses who need to keep their costs low. With its easy-to-use Web SMS and Email to SMS interfaces – as well as a powerful and easy to integrate API – we’ll have an access method that perfectly suits your needs.

To further get a feel for Wholesale SMS’s features and interface, you can sign up today – instantly and free of charge – and you’ll receive 15 free message credits so you can fully evaluate whether Wholesale SMS is the perfect solution for your business.